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Body Parts

Posted: May 28, 2017 in Community, Theology, Tim's Sermons



Armor of God part 3

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Community, Theology, Tim's Sermons


Part 3 Notes

This week we talked about the…

  • Belt of Truth
  • Body Armor of Righteousness
  • Ready Shoes of Gospel Peace
  • Shield of Faith

Sowing Our Tears

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Community, Humor, Marriage, Theology, Tim's Sermons

Sowing Our Tears




“No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit…”

( 1 Corinthians 2:11a NLT)

But oh, how often we presume to know other’s thoughts, motives, and the reasons for what they do. This is a snare of the enemy, my friends; one of the most common. Watch your own heart and give the benefit of a charitable judgment to the motives of others.

Hannah sent me this yesterday:

“Hi Tim, I’m just sitting here shaking. I’ve been longing to talk to God and hear his voice answer me for so long. I’ve always wondered what I was lacking and thought that I wasn’t a good enough Christian somehow or I would have been able to hear Him. God is just blowing my mind! He has been talking to me all along and I always brushed it away as my own mind and thoughts butting in. God is telling me, ‘You would pray and beg and ask me to speak to you and as soon as I would speak you would stop listening.’ He is also speaking to me through scriptures making then come alive. He is chuckling at me, He’s saying…’and you thought my word could be boring.’ I can’t get enough of my prayer time. I used to do my prayer time at the end of the day partly out of duty, but now I told Steve, ‘How will I fit school and house work into my time with Jesus?’ And then I found that he talks to me while I clean. Imagine! I’m carrying on a conversation with Jesus as I scrub the floor. This is the Jesus I’ve been craving! I’ve been praying for specific people in our church and God showed me a vision and words for each of them. And God told me, I didn’t give it to you so you could have something to fill your journal, I gave it to your so you could share it…”

Hannah then proceeded to share something with me [pastor Tim] that made me weep for joy.  Praise the Lord for His kindness!