Q and A part 2 (Video)

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Media, Theology, Tim's Sermons

Questions addressed in this video:

5. You talk constantly about grace, but we do have to obey, correct?
6. Why don’t you stop talking about grace and instead just tell these people that they need to get their act together?
7. We’re saved by grace, but don’t our works matter too?
8. What do you mean, “God’s not dealing with our sin nature, but our sin habit?”
9. What do you mean when you say the word “grace?”
10. How does grace free us from excuses?
11. You said we don’t live by feelings but by truth, but what about godly feelings?
12. Aren’t we all just sinners?
13. Yeah, but only God is good.
14. Aren’t all sins the same to God?


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