Search for Him

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Theology

40-16 Searching, seeking, pursuing, waiting upon, hunting, calling after the Lord. Those are the ones who will be filled with joy and gladness in him. Not any other group. And we wonder what’s wrong. What’s wrong is that God wants heart more than duty, love more than service, and obedience more than externals. And if we give him our heart, we will find that our heart is in him, where there is fullness of joy. He’s the fountain of life. He can’t give life without giving himself, and he won’t cast his pearls before swine. So complacency or even Ephesian style fidelity doesn’t cut it. We want FIRST LOVE. He remembers. Do we? Go back and start from that place of “I want you! I must have you! I want more of you! Have your way!” And stay there until your light dawns. You’ll know when it does. And no one should convince you it has until then.


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