Personal Renewal, Movement, Organization, Institution, Museum

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Theology
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How I Understand Renewals in Church History

1. Personal Renewal – a heart awakened
2. Movement – like minded hearts moving in the same passion
3. Organization – life organized for the sake of greater life
4. Institution – maintain what is – plateau and shift to corporate self-centeredness by doing what we have done before and serving the preferences of members (only hope is personal renewal and new wineskins to carry it)
5. Museum – curate the past – take people on tours of bygone glory days

At any point in the cycle, the key to corporate renewal is personal renewal going viral. Personal renewal is generally grounded in a rediscovery of the grace of God, the love of God, experienced in the Gospel with all the clutter removed. The cross, the empty tomb, God’s face revealed in Jesus. This love FOR ME.

  1. jasonropp says:

    I think the word “passion” is a sticking point for me. Renewal is sometimes passionate, sometimes sober, sometimes reflective, sometimes exuberant, often mundane. It took me a decade to dislodge the idea that anything other than ‘passionate’ was failure. There were probably renewals in history that maintained vibrancy long after it looked like a city in flames.
    I otherwise love the “organized” list. Any chance we could institutionalize it?
    Another thought. The cycle can be carried out by the individual. I often tried to institutionalize by bagging magic to recreate daily rather than daily making room for it to do what it wanted.
    Thanks for the brain/soul food.

  2. Tim says:

    By passion here I don’t mean a measurement of intensity of our feeling. I mean we share an affinity for God that aligns us like a compass: we have a common focus of affection: The beauty of God seen in the face of Jesus.

  3. jasonropp says:

    “…aligns us like a compass.” I’ll be hanging on to that analogy for a while.

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