Is your community built on grace? A checklist

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Theology

In a community built upon grace…

  • Approval is not acquired by keeping up appearances and doing one’s duty but instead approval is the basis for the safety to brave the waters of deeper relationship.

  • Value.  People are not treated as more or less valuable based on what they contribute, but rather people are treated as valuable because of their value to God.

  • Leaders are not experts with model families, but rather leaders are vulnerable, have normal people problems and often say, “me too.”

  • Conflict is not a devastating surprise to be avoided or suppressed.  Conflict is expected and dealt with directly. Expectation = Community is Messy.

  • Motivation.  Actions are not meant to be driven by duty but rather by joy.  “Have to” comes from law, “want to” comes from grace.

  • Integrity.  Appearing Respectable to others is recognized as a threat to our integrity. Pleasing our heavenly Father who sees in secret is viewed as the key to integrity.

  • The Focus is not as much on Right Actions as it is on a Right Heart.

  • Experiencing Grace.  We don’t just talk and sing about grace as a personal thing experienced between “me and Jesus,” but we also experience grace through each other.  And that second point creates hope like nothing else will.

  • Sin is expected and therefore taken in stride, and as such it is confronted directly and gently in the context of covenantal loyalty.  (Coach in my corner, not ref calling me for arbitrary fouls)


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