How badly do you want God’s will?

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Theology

Let your life be an experiment in seeing just how full of the Holy Spirit a person may be. Consecrate yourself to this one thing. One pursuit. One endeavor.

How hungry are you for the will of God? Just how badly do you want this lifestyle that Jesus lived? The level of your hunger will set the limits of what you are willing to pay to see this thing through to the end. When you want comfort more than God, you’ll stop when it gets uncomfortable. You will turn to other things for comfort. When you want conflict-free relationships more than you want the will of God then you will back down when an uncompromising stand brings conflict. When you want to avoid being a target of front line demonic attack more than you want the will of God then you will back down when the demonic attacks come. If keeping family and friends on good terms matters more than the will of God then when they disapprove of your extreme devotion you’ll back down.

John the Baptist was clearly willing to stand alone against the world. All he needed was the word of the Lord. To prepare the way for the Lord is never to follow the crowds or to take their pulse to measure how you are doing. To prepare the way for the Lord is to burn as a light in the dark, crying out the whispers from the voice of the Lord, which scripture says breaks the cedars. The word of the Lord caters to no man, high or low, friend or foe. It bends to none. It measures as a straight plumb line. So you must measure straight. Follow not the crowds. Don’t even trust yourself. Stay low and broken. And if you get God, then those who truly want Him will recognize Him on you. You do not want the approval of those without ears to hear. Let eternity and the judgment seat of Christ loom large in your mind if naysayers get too distracting. That will inject you with the needed perspective.

Don’t focus on public leadership. Focus on obedience to the leadership of God in your private life. The best leaders are actually the best followers. People are following your example and your heart more than your speech. They will follow (or not) the unspoken curriculum of your actual manner of life. If you follow the Leader, others of like heart will then do the same. The world doesn’t need your ministry; it needs His. Get back to the simple faith of letting go and believing. Find the road back to that place if you’ve gotten lost. Get back there and pick up where you left off.

By faith, not by reason, not by seeing all the hows. By trusting what He promises without needing to understand how He will do it. He said it was coming. Now rejoice in Him. Trust Him. Yield over and over.

Trust and rest. Simplicity and excitement.


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