This is a war

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Theology

Jesus did not just heal our blindness: according to Scripture, he confronted and overcame darkness itself (1 Jn 1:4-5). Jesus did not just set captives free: “he made captivity itself a captive” (Eph 4:8). Jesus did not simply free sinners: he destroyed the power of sin itself (e.g., Rom 7:11; 8:1-2). Jesus did not merely free us from condemnation: he silenced the accuser himself (Rev 12:10). And Jesus did not simply heal our infirmities: he destroyed the lord of death himself (Heb 2:14).

(Greg Boyd) The Nature of the Atonement: Four Views (Kindle Locations 1609-1612).

This is a war.


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