Peter Hoover on how the church lost its way

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Theology

Afraid to do right if ‘the whole group’ was not behind them, the early Christians stopped being a movement of convicted believers and became an organized religious body. They stopped being ‘rebels,’ ‘fanatics,’ and ‘those who turn the world upside down’ to become a respected element of society. The world stopped fearing them. With that, it stopped hating them, and the age of persecution faded away.

Within the church conviction died as ‘submission’ took its place, and ‘God-ordained authorities’ found it necessary to tell everyone what to do and what to believe. The voice of the church took its place above the voice of a Christ-directed conscience, and ‘Christian Europe’ lay for a thousand years in ignorance, bondage, and fear.

(Peter Hoover, “The Secret of the Strength,” p44-45.)


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