Concealed and Revealed Words

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Theology

Being understood by others when speaking of spiritual things is often overrated.  Jesus spoke so that only the ones who heard in the same spirit in which he spoke could understand.  Concern with other people understanding and approving is illusory — from the false self.  Parables were meant to conceal truth from people whose hearts are not oriented toward true knowing and being.  They are meant to convey deep truth to those whose hearts are open and honest and willing to be confronted and taught.

There is a pursuit rather than a body of information to be mastered.  Life itself is the scene where the search for God’s life is hidden and revealed.  This moment.  He is not tucked away in prayers and scriptures, sermons and services.  He indwells all things.  Special revelation just names what is everywhere.  Special revelation explicitly invites what is implicitly invited through the sky and leaves and wind and chaotic energy of children.

Everything is a word from God, albeit with differing degrees of glory.  All of them inviting a response of faith, thanks, and joyful surrender to God’s good will.

I have an intuition that my current state is too monastic.  Too world-denying.  Not human enough.  Too explicitly Christian to be authentically Christ-like.  I fear I may be hiding in devotion from the journey I am trying to discover.


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