Love and Power

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Tim's Sermons


  1. tlg66 says:

    I sat here listening to this message with tears in my eyes. Confirmation…I just finished reading Francis Frangipane’s book Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God. In it he says that to want power without holiness is not of God, but to have holiness without power is just religiosity. This has been rolling through my thoughts for the better part of the last week. I have been reading the gospels and the book of Acts. This morning I almost cried as I read in Acts 10:10 where it says Peter “fell into a trance” and I thought, Dear Lord….they tell us this is wrong, that it is satanic to be in a trance like state….. Yet Peter fell into a trance and saw a vision from YOU!!! And not only that, you told him to do something contrary to everything he had been taught, contrary to what was even lawful for him as a Jew. I honestly feel stunned. I’ve read this before, where have I been?? God did this.
    If this were to happen today…………….I would doubt it, I would tell that person God would not tell you to disobey and God says it is a sin to be in trans-like state. Because that is what I have been taught.
    But this is the Lord.
    Why do I fear so much of this power is evil? Why have I been taught to be cautious of this? What child grows up wanting what they have been taught could be dangerous? And another thing I notice….. all over this book the Holy Spirit is doing whatever He pleases, however He pleases, in whatever order He wishes to do it. Even in the gospels, Jesus did the same. That is power in itself isn’t it? I can’t make ANY sense of it………..PEOPLE want to make sense of it, to put it in some order, in some box, with instructions of how to use it, when to use it and who should use it. And then we teach what we have come to believe. My tears come from this deep sense of knowing I have been wrong and I have so much unbelief in my heart that the power of God is still actively alive in the whole body of Christ today. How can I accept one thing from God and not another? How can I say, like Peter tried to say….”by no means, Lord” to accepting what I have been taught is not particularly acceptable? When Jesus himself is saying, “this too is who I am” I do so want the love, —I need the love!!! the holiness, the WHOLENESS. But I want to believe in the power also, that it is for US, now…to use. This turning from all he had been taught to accepting and believing and obeying what Jesus told him to accept….it brought a unification of the Jew and the Gentile. maybe that answers your question, maybe as one by one we are convicted that not all we have believed is true, not all all we have been taught is all there was to teach, .and as we repent and embrace what God is telling us to embrace, the unity will come. ??? i eagerly ask for your prayers that God will continue to tear down walls of unbelief in my life and continue to open my heart to believing HIM in all His fullness. I am sitting here thinking that it won’t change who God is at all, what I believe or don’t believe about HIm…but it will change me, one way or another.
    I really appreciated this message—thanks for putting it here.

  2. Tim says:

    Hey Toni.

    I like to think of having two hands. In one hand is the Word, in the other is the Spirit. We best have both and keep them together.


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