7 Reasons to Fast

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Tim's Sermons


Fasting is about:

  1. Drawing Near to God
  2. Secret Life in God (its Joy and Reward)
  3. Ordering our Priorities and Desires
  4. Turning over the Soil of our Heart
  5. Increased Openness to the Will of God
  6. Greater Breakthrough or Power
  7. Humbling Ourselves in order that He May Lift Us Up

Kinds of Fasting

  • Water Fast
  • Juice Fast
  • Media Fast
  • Silence
  • Solitude
  1. Paul says:

    I will join you in fasting.

  2. shirley says:

    Just listened to “Stinking Lentils”. Well, re: fasting; since I did’nt listen soon enough, I did not take part in the fast. Too bad I can’t count media, silence, and solitude. My phone rarely rings, I spend very little time on computer, and, well silence (??) and solitude (!!). Anyway, really got a lot from that message. Gonna put my dramatized CD on 2nite and listen to that portion re: mighty men. Can set it to play over & over. Have a fiction book (not read it yet) first in a series called Lion of War, about the Mighty Men of Israel. Author Cliff Graham was offered film option for entire series by 2 well-known directors.

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