“Sent” Part 6: Fourteen Reasons I Care about Missions

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Tim's Sermons

An Indian Peanut Vendor


I care about missions because…

  1. I care about worship.
  2. I care about people-groups.
  3. I care about compassion for people.
  4. Jesus instructed us to earnestly pray for more missionaries to be sent out.
  5. I believe in hell.
  6. I care about people’s quality of life.
  7. I care about Jesus’ return.
  8. I care about Jesus’ mandate to the apostles, the great commission.
  9. I believe in and love Jesus’ Church.
  10. I care about training disciples of Jesus to maturity.
  11. I care about local missions.
  12. The God of the Bible is a missionary.
  13. The Gospel is “news” that, by definition, demands to be heralded.
  14. I care about living a life of weight, meaning, and significance.

Relevant Links

  • REACH – Discipleship Training and Short Term Missions
  • The Joshua Project – Giving clarity and definition to the unfinished task.
  • Become an RMM Intercessor – Your prayers make a massive difference to our missionaries in challenging circumstances.
  • Read Bruchko, Bruce Olson’s incredible story about the Lord’s activity among the Motilone people.
  • Read Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.
  1. Kevin Mayer says:

    Hey Tim, I love it and deeply resonate with each and every reason you gave. Amen and Amen 🙂

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