Believe Part 4: Faith of Abraham

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Tim's Sermons

Faith is more than merely holding to a biblical worldview.  Faith is living trust in the invisible God of the impossible promise.

Romans 4:13-25



Questions for Groups

  1. What did God promise Abraham and how did Abraham respond?
  2. What does Paul in Romans 4 say he promises us and how are we called to respond?
  3. What is the meaning of Jesus death and resurrection?  (Romans 4:25)
  4. Using the metaphor of a poker tell as a giveaway to the cards you’re hiding, what are some ‘tells’ that indicate living faith is present in someone’s life?
  5. As you listened to this message, did any areas of life you are currently facing seem highlighted?  How is God calling you to walk by faith through those areas of life?
  6. How can we as the Body of Christ encourage and strengthen each other’s faith?

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