Internet Speed Test

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Home Life, Media

We don’t have cable tv.  We use the internet for that.  It works with our budget and everything is on-demand, which is nice when it’s absurdly early and you may need to put on some Go Diego Go for Zion.

I like to be able to watch netflix or hulu without having the thing freeze up or load a commercial for an extended period of time.  Who wouldn’t?  Since Christmas our dsl has been irritatingly slow.  This slow.

It used to consistently be right above 900kbps.  Not sure what happened, since dsl is a dedicated line (unlike cable broadband where users on a street share bandwidth) and therefore it shouldn’t be affected by added users on the patron end except the shared network users in house.  The kids understand this, and if Netflix is stopping to load they’ll come running and looking for the bandwidth hog – “Dad!  Are you downloading something?!”  But that ain’t the problem lately, so I don’t know what’s dragging down our flow of precious ones and zeros.

The other day I got a Droid X (HUGE upgrade from what I had before) and one of the little features I utilize is a ten dollar app called easytether.

For this meager one-time $10 fee, I can now tether my laptop to my phone for wireless internet at exactly the bandwidth my phone is getting.  At home it’s quite nice, as the Verizon 3g speeds are pretty solid.  This solid.

Ahh…now when the kiddos are asnoose and Carrie wants to watch “Say Yes to the Dress,” I can take in some Hulu or ANYTHING BUT THAT!  That show is to me like opera, ballet, or figure skating.  These are all activities that, when filmed, are worth paying to escape.  I would, however, defend the right of others, such as my lovely bride, to enjoy them.

With 3g I’m totally thrilled to get the 2.1 megs per second shown above.  When 4g hits, they promise us download speeds of up to 100 megs per second.  What a strange time of technological exponential progress in which I live.  What would Thomas Edison have said if he could have jumped forward to today and walked around a bit?

Don’t want to sound paranoid or neurotically apocalyptic, but Isn’t there some ceiling of progress where our technological mastery undoes us?


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