What Love Fears

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Home Life, Theology

“One of my biggest fears was always that I would die before Olive. I couldn’t bear the thought of her alone in a nursing home…wondering who would love for her and care for her like I could. That fear gripped my heart more than anything else.  Maybe God heard that prayer that night I cried myself to sleep worrying. My hope was that He would answer my prayer by healing her little body, but He answered it in another way, a more painful way.” – Lynette Polinder

Anyone see any Gospel implications in this paragraph?

“Who will love her like I do?  Who will care for her and look after her like I can?”  Nobody on earth.

I wonder if the strong emotions God expressed about his people’s idolatry through many of the Hebrew prophets has this kind of anguish at it’s root.  “No!  Turn back!  These other master’s can’t possibly love you as I do!”

I’m also struck by the way in which Lynette thought primarily about Olive and only secondarily of the staggering sacrifices that loving and caring for Olive would entail.  When Gabriel was born I was jarred by how my heart needed no prior knowledge of him to immediately love him with a powerful feeling I didn’t expect.  And then it hit me as it never had before.  God gave us His Son. O, how He loves us!

Thank you Lynette, for showing me a bit more of what love really looks like.


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