6 Objections Week 7 – Bad Christians/Good Pagans

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Media, Theology

  1. Chad says:

    Good message, man. As a Christian, I really struggle with the tension between these two categories. In relation to that tension, I struggle with my understanding of salvation and how God appropriates it for those who apparently exhibit the fruits of the spirit in their actions, while denying Christianity by their own “religious” convictions. I think all this is tied into each person’s own intellect, orientation, temperament, and so forth…but I don’t understand how it works at all related to God’s judgment and the hereafter. It would seem that God judges on the basis of each person’s unique make-up (experience, what a person knows, what a person comprehends). That said, I’m not really surprised that my Muslim friend doesn’t understand the Gospel. Christianity makes no sense to him. Islam makes all the sense in the world to him…and he’s a “good” man. I don’t really know what to do with that. Will God honor this man’s heart in eternity? There was a time when I would’ve said absolutely not. Now, I’m not so sure, and if I’m not so sure, what does that imply for my own salvation? It’s a troublesome, worrisome problem and I’m stuck between a formulation I’m uncertain of at its root, namely, what the Gospel means and what the Gospel is, and are the two mutually inclusive, particularly when it comes to individuals who only have their own experience, intellect, and convictions to think with. It’s hard and I feel stuck right now. Anyway, thanks for the message and see you next time.

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