Path to the Cross III – Karma, Repentance, and Grace

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Tim's Sermons


Luke 13:1-9


  1. How did Jesus’ answer challenge his original audience?
  2. How might Jesus’ answer challenge us?
  3. What does Jesus mean by the word “perish”?
  4. Who does Jesus call to repentance?
  5. Why put the story about the fig tree here?  How does it relate to the twin disaster teaching?
  6. Is the call to repent bad news?
  7. How is the whole of the Christian life one of repentance?
  8. Tim, you keep saying, “Jesus is the model.”  How can he be the model if the Christian life is a life of repentance, but Jesus never needed to repent since he was sinless?

Repent Like This (adapted from Dr. Tim Keller)

1.)  Deep Humility vs. Pride: Have I looked down on anyone?  Have I been too stung by criticism?  Have I felt snubbed and ignored?

Repent Like This:  Consider the free grace of Jesus until I sense decreasing disdain (since I am a sinner too), and decreasing pain over criticism (since I should not value human approval over God’s love).  In light of His grace, I can let go of the need to keep up a good image –it’s too great and burden now anyway, and it’s unnecessary.  Consider free grace until I experience grateful, restful, joy.

2.)  Burning Love vs. Indifference:  Have I spoken or thought unkindly of anyone?  Am I justifying myself by caricaturing (in my mind) someone else?  Have I been impatient or irritable?  Have I been self-absorbed and indifferent and inattentive to people?

Repent Like This:  Consider the free grace of Jesus until there is no coldness or unkindness (think of the sacrificial love of Christ for you), no impatience (think of His patience with you), no indifference.  Consider free grace until I show warmth and affection.  God was infinitely patient and attentive to me, out of grace.

3.)  Wise Courage vs. Anxiety:  Have I avoided people or tasks I know I should face?  Have I been anxious and worried?  Have I failed to be circumspect (careful)?  Have I been rash and impulsive?

Repent Like This:  Consider the free grace of Jesus until there is no cowardly avoidance of hard things (since Jesus faced evil for me), and no anxious or rash behavior (since Jesus’ death proves God cares and will watch over me).  It takes pride to be anxious.  In reality, I am not wise enough to know how my life should go.  Consider free grace until I experience calm thoughtfulness and strategic boldness.

4.)  Godly Motives (A “single eye”):  Am I doing what I am doing for God’s glory and the good of others?  Or am I being driven by fears, need for approval, love of comfort and ease, need for control, hunger for acclaim and power, or the fear of man?  Am I looking at anyone with envy?  Am I giving in to any of even the first motions of lust or gluttony?  Am I spending my time on urgent things rather than important things because of these inordinate desires?

Repent Like This:  How does Jesus provide for me what I am looking for in these other things?  Pray, “O Lord Jesus, make me happy enough in you to avoid sin and wise enough in you to avoid danger, that I may always to what is right in your sight, in your Name I pray, Amen.”


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