When my phone rings…

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Community, Theology

The pastor is called. The pastor is called because the pastor is “the Friday person” even in a secularized community, the one with the text and its candid cadences of loss that go clear to the bottom. It needs to be said and acknowledged, too many times, “the glory has departed.” Such a truth that needs to be voiced, moreover, could not be made up on the spot. It is too heavy and too dangerous, too much beyond our management to be made up on the spot. That loss is to be lined out, rather, from mothers and fathers who have always known that truth since that Friday in Ashdod, when the truth was lined out five unflinching times. It is a lining out nobody wants to hear and nobody wants to say. Except that the integrity of faith and the candor lived life, not to say the integrity of the book, require it to be said: “The ark of God has been captured”… five times… “The glory has departed.”

Walter Brueggeman, Ichabod Toward Home: The Journey of God’s Glory, 21.

But Friday isn’t the end of the story.


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