David’s Legacy (2) – Courage

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Tim's Sermons



1.) We all have to face our fears to become the person Christ made us to be.
2.) Our Goliath is unique to us, and so is our God-given weaponry.
3.) Momentum is Socially Transferred, for good or bad.  We can en-courage or dis-courage others by strengthening their faith or unbelief.
4.) Lions and Bears come before the Giants…We build courage on the foundation of previous obedience to do the scary but right thing.
5.) Three Agents of Dis-Couragement: I.) Threats – Goliath II.) Criticism: Eliab III.) Naysaying: Saul
6.) The Spirit, Faith, and Courage are Connected.
7.) Faith moves mountains…and makes martyrs (Hebrews 11).
8.) The Lord Saves. Yeshua. Jesus. The Battle Belongs to the Lord.
9.) The Ultimate Courage: The Courage to Love.


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