No Safe Road Home

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Theology, Tim's Sermons



Luke 19:11-27

Particularly helpful to me in the research phase was the discovery that Jesus had not simply invented the parable out of thin air in which he is harsh and inequitable toward his own servants and brazenly merciless toward his enemies, but instead was probably retelling a familiar story his hearers would have likely recognized as the story of Herod the Great’s son Archelaus.

If you run into something in Scripture that you find unpalatable it may be helpful to remember a couple of things.  First, we may be misinterpreting the Scriptures – it may not mean what I think it means.  Secondly, there may have been cultural or conditional contingencies that we don’t yet know about that bring the sense into clarity.  Third, we may actually have values and biases that are wrong and that need to change – and we just don’t know it yet.

What I’m really asking is that we have patience to struggle with areas of Scripture that we dislike or even disagree with,  because the results of such a humble patience may be that those problem areas of Scripture show us quite a bit about ourselves and our view of God that He may want to change.

And, you know, it may not always be a change that we would’ve welcomed before it happened.


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