Lazy Sunday

Posted: October 14, 2007 in Home Life, Theology

Enjoyed worshiping the Father, Son, and Spirit among His Church this morning.

Ate some Nathan’s hot dogs, potato salad, and chips for lunch, and then tried to let Carrie take a well-deserved lengthy nap (the boys get up in the night too much).

What a beautiful fall Kentucky day.

In other news: tonight I was laying on my back listening to the Pats take on the Cowboys and suddenly I caught a disconcertingly ominous sight of my totally horizontal grinning 3 year old out of my peripheral vision. Gabe did a COMPLETE dive onto his daddy’s mid-section.

That’ll knock both the wind and the cynicism out of ya in one massive “kersplat!” What can you do at that point except laugh? He keeps me on high alert lately with that – anytime he sees me laying (or lying?) on my back with my eyes closed, its pretty much open season for a wide-eyed land-dive onto daddy’s belly. I’m serious when I say totally horizontal as if into water. So next time you’re just laying back and lost in thought…watch out!

Kind of reminds me of what I read this morning in Luke’s Gospel where the angel of the Lord tells Zechariah that he’s gonna be the daddy of John the Baptist. But check out this little piece of the angel’s message that gives us just a bit of an interesting glimpse into the Father’s heart – God wanted the angel to be sure and tell Zechariah that John “will be a joy and delight to you (1:14).” That seems like totally unnecessary information unless God is the kind who cares about delighting in the joy of parenting children. My boys sure are to me what John was to Zechariah, and I’m thankful to God for them in these exhausted mundane sacred moments watching Tom Brady do what he does best.

Here’s a clip of some of the lazy Sunday activities.

  1. Josh says:

    Ah Sabbath. God’s restorative play time.

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