Beach Week

Posted: September 10, 2007 in Home Life, Theology


Well, we’re finally back from a week of vacation in Myrtle Beach. I suppose Carrie has done a more than sufficient job getting the details aired out so I won’t do that – I’ll just say that I really like the beach – and I really like my family. It was enjoyable; we got sun, water, golf, cable TV (Flip This House, the U.S. Open, and Survivorman were my top picks of the week), and food (calories burned < calories consumed).


Wayne and I were bodyboarding and trying to get out to where the big waves break, so we swam out to where you can reach the sand again – and then later learned that we were about as far out as a fellow who caught a sizeable shark. Nice.


Also, battling the waves and the rip tide made me remember afresh just how fragile and finite I am, and how weak the human creature is against simple wind and water. It makes me remember that the God of reality is not nearly so small or safe as He is in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Daniel says:

    The area is looking so wonderful, I wish i had some time to spend on a nice beach resort, too!

    Greetings! Daniel

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