Ever hear this? I’m thankful for seminary.

Posted: July 5, 2007 in Uncategorized


I think I’m finally starting to realize that I’m finished with the eight year marathon that has been my College/Seminary phase. The good thing is that I’m a thankful seminarian, rather than a bitter one. The bitter ones complain about all that they never learned in seminary – as though the point was informational accumulation rather than personal formation. One thing I’m grateful for is that both in College and Seminary I was taught how to learn – how to research a topic with intellectual integrity.

And the strangest thing has happened: I’ve stopped using the Daily Office because it no longer suits my needs. When I was inundated with classes it kept me grounded in prayer and worship, rather than just knowledge – but now my soul wants to stretch out with large doses of 80 proof straight Scripture.

The other day I read 1 Peter into my computer and listened to it on my mp3 player while sorting clothes at the Lexington Rescue Mission Thrift Store. It’s a bit under 16 minutes long, and it’s interesting how much more difficult it is to follow the details when it’s audible only. But hearing it read all at one shot (like the first recipients of the letter) is helpful to hear its overall tone and to get a feel for what the dispersed Jewish Xtns were facing as far as Peter was concerned. I think I’ll keep this method going and see how many books of the Bible I can have in my audio library.

  1. Josh says:


  2. Sam says:

    Yo, way to be thankful. Now why don’t you write about discipleship. 😉

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