Point the Finger

Posted: June 24, 2007 in Home Life, Theology


We need a helmet if we’re going to eat Doritos safely.

According to Miroslav Volf, summarizing Luther, who in turn was reading Paul, who in turn was reflecting on Christ’s work, there are two kinds of sin:

  1. Confessed
  2. Defended

No one can keep confessed sin from being forgiven (by God), and noone can forgive (or attest to God’s forgiveness) defended sin. In confession of sin I point the finger at myself and declare myself guilty – but this is liberating. Conversely, defending my sin points the finger elsewhere to declare my righteousness, which is imprisoning. The path of immediate least resistence to the ego is in the end exhausting and damning, while the life in Christ is proximately death to the ego, but ultimately redemptive to the self.

In fact, the peace that comes to a repentant confessor in the short term is itself a marvel. How can such a sinner as I enjoy such release and forgiveness? Only by receiving God’s free gift of Christ by participating in his death and resurrection. That’s what baptism is about, and what it continually calls us to remember and live.

  1. Lynette says:

    Am I going to be seeing you in a few weekends or is that just a rumor?

  2. Lynette says:

    How come I get to have the cutest nephews of all people?

  3. Josh says:

    Which is why we want to pay more attention to Paris Hilton’s jail-time than to the crisis in Darfur, Uganda and India.

    It’s easier to admit her problems than to admit that there are things we are ignoring in the world.

  4. slcullum says:

    word/test profile check

  5. tdmiller says:

    Sam apparently now has his pic on his comments. Nice.

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