Celtic Way

Posted: April 24, 2007 in Theology

Here’s a teaser from Chuck Hunter’s Book The Celtic Way of Evangelism



  • Peter Berger and the social construction of reality (99-100)
    1. a person’s view of reality is largely shaped and maintained within the community into which one has been socialized
    2. in a pluralistic society, the possibility of conversion, that is, changing the way one perceives essential reality, is opened up through conversations with people who live with a contrasting view of reality
    3. one adopts and internalizes the new worldview through resocialization into a community sharing that new worldview
  • Roman Model vs. Celtic Model (53)
    1. Roman
      • Presentation
      • Decision
      • Fellowship
    2. Celtic
      • Fellowship
      • Ministry and Conversation
      • Belief, Invitation to Commitment
  • The Celtic Way of Evangelism (53)
    1. You first establish community with people, or bring them into the fellowship of your community of faith
    2. Within fellowship, you engage in conversation, ministry, prayer, and worship.
    3. In time, as they discover that they now believe, you invite them to commit.
  1. Josh says:

    my friend, Brian Hull (you can link to him from my blog) has often cited this work has revitalizing his hope for “evangelism” and is currently working on some writings that engage with this text.

    i love the power of community that is conveyed here and the idea that evangelism isn’t just “one-on-one”.

    Not sure if this book covers this, but many are finding their way into the kingdom by first serving with the church in helping the poor and building houses etc. only after working beside followers of Christ do these folks discover that they are living in a new way and need help labeling what they’re living.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I’m enjoying your blog. I was actually searching to the lyrics from Katy Bowser’s “Fingerpaint” song to email a friend, and happened along here in that process. Anyone who refers to Peter Berger & SCR in ok in my book.

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