Bold As Love

Posted: March 3, 2007 in Guitars, Theology

Yeah, we need Jimi Hendrix’s painted strat for that blog title. This is a reproduction of the one he burned at the ’67 Monterrey Pop Festival. I’d like to share a story about someone who was bold as love.


Mike Voigts told us this (true) story the other day in my Mentored Ministry class at ATS. I’ll not say the evangelist’s name since I haven’t got clearance from him to do so, though he probably wouldn’t care.

Mike and our cowboy evangelist from his church were making house calls to pass out gifts to people within a certain radius of their local church. They had sent letters the week before giving people heads up, “Hey, we’re coming to give you a gift between 9-11 am, Sunday morning.”

Cowboy knocks on the door and is soon greeted by a grumpily tired gentleman in a bathrobe who was probably awakened by their call.

“Did you get our letter?”


Clearly this guy want to get away. Just then a woman, also in a bathrobe, sneaks quickly past the door behind the sleepy guy.

“Hey, is that your wife?!” asks cowboy, at which time Mike is wanting to crawl into a hole, and he’s thinking there’s just no way these people are going to ever respond favorably.

“No, that’s my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? Son, you ain’t doin’ that girl right.”

“What?” (I’d be thinking someone is about to be punched in the face.)

“Son, you ain’t doin’ that girl right. You oughtta marry that girl. In fact, I could marry you two right now, and Mike could witness. How ’bout it?”

Mike is in disbelief. But rather than slam the door shut, the guy thinks a bit, then asks, “How ’bout it babe, you wanna get married?”

Can you believe it, she responds, “I’ve been waitin’ for you to ask me that; yes, I’ll marry you.” And they had themselves a wedding on the front porch. On Monday they got the papers signed and made it official.

Later they came to a revival at the church and got square with the Lord, and the way Mike tells it, today they’re serving at that Methodist church and have “dynamic faith.”

Bold gets it done.

  1. J RhoSho says:

    Can I anticipate a guitar theme of some kind in very post? I might just learn quite a bit about guitars, which would be nice.

  2. Matt says:

    When you get to be a famous preacher doing door-to-door weddings, I’ll be able to say, “I was the first to comment on his blog.” Thanks for the quality guitars and comments.
    Your Bass Slappin’ Friend,

  3. tdmiller says:

    You can count on a picture of something–probably a guitar–on each blog. My one rule of blogging is this: blogs need pictures. I also got a YouTube account so that I can post some videos too…perhaps when I get something other than dial-up, Lord willing.

  4. jason A says:

    hi I am a freind of chad P i am about to get married this story made me laugh. very nice exposition of words. son you aint doing that girl right? i thought you meant something else . like dirty. he meant you are not treating her right. lol any ways where where you guys after i proposed think of all the planning you could have saved me.

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